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We are Emma & Manu, a couple of professional wedding photographers. Together behind the lens and together in life too, we are committed to capturing the most beautiful moments of your wedding.


who are we?

We are both trained, specialized educators. After 15 years working with people with drug addictions, we decided to take a 180° turn and live from our shared passion: photography. It immediately became clear that we wanted to work together and offer our services as a couple for couples, such was the complicity we had developed over the years, and also because we are very complementary. This shift was also accompanied by a change of lifestyle. So we left the North and moved to the Dordogne area in search of a way of life that suited us better: fresh air, the great outdoors and nature.

Wedding photography soon began to grow on us! Partly because it allowed us to work as a duo, but above all because, as former specialized educators, we so enjoy meeting and connecting with new people. It is such a joy to discover new people and share with them one of the most important days of their lives…  Sharing our experience as humans has always been at the core of our professional lives, and we continue to share these values ​​with our newlyweds. The feedback we receive from our customers testifies to this and is very heartwarming, and we cannot resist the pleasure of sharing one of them here:

Jeanne & Quentin

“We will never be able to thank you enough for the wonderful photo report of our wedding. Looking through your photos, all the emotions came flooding back, it was as if we were living the day a second time! We are delighted to have met you, you are amazing photographers! We are proud to have shared this day with you “

Emotion and sharing; that is what matters to us. To be a good photographer, you have to photograph that which touches you deep inside. Doing what we love and enjoying ourselves makes us even happier. A wedding day is not just a “photo shoot” or just some moment when you take pictures. It is much more than that. In particular, it is a formidable playground in which to enjoy a beautiful encounter. We are naturally optimistic and friendly, and we love to reach out to others. Of course, this is invariably reflected in our photos. We put a lot of ourselves into our photos, and the reason we so enjoy doing wedding photos is that, deep down, it is a way for us to transmit and share what we are. 

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