• Do you deliver all the photos?

No, we delete all duplicate photos, test photos, those whose focus is missed to deliver you a selection of photos that best represent your day. We deliver between 300 and 500 photos according to the formula you have chosen.

• When will I receive my photos?

We deliver your photos at the latest 1 month after your wedding. As soon as your online gallery is ready, we inform you by email. If you order an album, allow an additional delay of 6 weeks from the moment you validate your selection.

• Do you travel?

Yes of course!! Our travel expenses are included in our packages if your wedding takes place in Dordogne (beyond that, km charges apply). If you marry abroad and wish to hire us for your wedding, our travel and accommodation expenses will be your responsibility.

• How long in advance do I need to contact you?

The sooner the better, to ensure we are available. On average, clients contact us between 1 year and 6 months before their wedding but some also do it at the last minute!

• What is your style?

Our approach is photo-journalistic and report-oriented. We focus on chronological storytelling while highlighting emotion.

• D o you edit the photos?

THE big question! The proper term would rather be "develop" the photos. Photo development is one of the phases of post-production. Once your photos have been imported and sorted, we make the necessary adjustments to contrast, exposure, colorimetry, cropping, but also to the choice of color or black and white. All photos we deliver therefore go through this development stage so that all your pictures are harmonious and coherent.

• Can I see a completed report?

Of course! Just contact us via the contact form and we’ll send you a link to a complete wedding report, as delivered to customers.

• I signet up for 8H, can I add extra time?

Yes, of course you can! If, having thought it through, you wish to keep us for longer, just let us know. We will re-edit your contract by adding the evening. But remember, in order to do this, we need to be informed at least 48 hours before the wedding day. If you ask us the same day, any extra hours will be charged as overtime.

• D o you invoice additional hours?

Yes. If you ask us the same day to stay beyond the time stipulated in the contract, we will charge you up to 300 € per additional hour. When this happens, we discuss it with you first. Rest assured, we don’t start the clock as soon as time runs out!! We never do anything without first discussing it with you.

• H ow can I reserve my wedding date?

A date is reserved or blocked as soon as we receive the signed contract and the deposit (i.e. 30% of the total amount). One does not go without the other.

• How can I pay you?

You can pay us by transfer, which is the simplest solution, or by check. Cash payment is legally possible up to 1000 € but it will not “entitle” you to a discount ;)